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Technical data
Product:Acrylic solid surface panels
Country of origin:Slovenia
Applications:Interiors and Exteriors | Coverings, Furniture, Shopfitting, Objects, Façades
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The KERROCK brand belongs to the KOLPA company, located at Eslovenia, which has been in operation since 1978 and has a strong presence in Central Europe and Southeast Europe.  
Non-porous, homogenous, inert and non-toxic surface, which is resistant to most impacts that occur in zones of intensive use. It is totally solid, coloured throughout, and can be manufactured with imperceptible joints, rendering it more resistant to bacteria. It is worked with the same type of tools and techniques used for wood.
It can be thermoformed for the creation of 2D and 3D design objects and 3D routed with the use of a digital control milling machine (CNC). It is used to create lighting or lighting effects in appliques, due to its translucent nature in the lightest colours and in panels of reduced thickness. The LUMINO collection offers even more translucency for special lighting effects.
It offers a specific product for the exterior with superior UV resistance, as well as a range of improved anti-bacterial resistance which is appropriate for a hospital environment. 
Technical information:

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