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Product:Oak Parquet | Laminate flooring | Vinyl flooring
Country of origin:Sweden
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Lamett is a producer of high quality oak parquet, laminate and vinyl flooring.
Originally from Sweden, the brand was founded in 1985 and is today a global trendsetter, with manufacturing operations in Belgium, China, Russia, USA and the UK.
Lamett is appreciated for the latest European designs and colours, high quality European oak sourced from sustainable forests and innovative technology.
Oak Parquet
The top layer is made of oak with a thickness ranging from 2.5mm to 6mm. 
The oak used is predominantly of French origin, with small quantities of German oak used. The oak from these areas possess excellent colour consistency, a beautiful tight grain structure and exceptional durability.
All Lamett oak is sourced from PEFC-certified sustainable forests.
The oak planks are available in widths of 190mm and even of 220 and 260mm. Wide plank floors are very trendy, as they make a room appear larger, emphasise the beauty of the wood grain and add a sense of luxury to every interior space, contemporary or traditional.

It is suitable for under-floor heating - the glued installation is recommended for optimal heat conduction.

Types of finishes
Hardwax Oiled (oiled appearance, extremely wear-resistant)
Oiled (easy to maintain and repair)
Lacquered (seals off the pores of the wood)


Composition of planks
Solid parquet (solid block of wood in which a tongue and groove have been carved; cannot be placed over a floor heating system)
Multi-layer parquet (made up of multiple layers of wood, with the top "wear" layer of Oak)
Types of installation:
Floating installation - click system or tongue and groove (the floor planks are clicked together using the click system or installed with tongue and groove, with glued joints; can easily be removed and reinstalled; produces more noise nuisance than a glued floor; installation on floor heating systems is not recommended: the layer of air acts as insulation and results in the reduced transfer of heat)
Glue down installation tongue and groove (this method is suitable for solid as well as multi-layer floors, and there is an optimal reduction in the noise nuisance)


Laminate Flooring
The basis of a laminate plank is HDF: highly compressed wood fibres (High-density Fiberboard). A foil of wood grain is placed on top of the HDF, and the plank is then finished with a protective layer.
According to AC classes - European quality standards - laminate planks are AC4 class 32 (any domestic and general trafficked commercial spaces) or AC5 class 33 (busy areas requiring medium to heavy traffic resistance).
Laminate planks are hygienic, budget-friendly, simple to install and easy to maintain.
However there is a repetition of planks (pattern), revealing it is not real parquet. It feels harder than parquet - it is less ‘warm’. Damage is difficult to repair and replacement is usually the only solution.
The noise nuisance can be improved by laying a suitable subfloor.
The COLOSSEUM collection is water resistant - atroguard technology.
Vinyl Flooring
100% PVC flooring composed of several layers: the foundation layer, the fibre glass layer, the middle layer, the image layer, the top layer and finally the UV coating. 
The foundation layer provides structural strength over the entire floor. The durability of the floor is dependent on the thickness of the top layer and on the strength of the foundation structure. 
The fibre glass provides extra stability. Collections are equipped with a click system, which allows an economic and quick installation. 
Premium Click Vinyl: 100% waterproof rigid vinyl floor, CADIZ and LUGANO collections.


Technical information:

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Oak Parquet

Hardwax Oiled
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Maintenance Instructions
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Laminate Flooring

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Maintenance Instructions
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Vinyl Flooring

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Maintenance Instructions
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