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Product:Decorative wall cladding paneling with uniclic technology
Country of origin:Belgium
Applications:Wall cladding/ wall covering
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Founded in 1960, UNILIN-group is an international industry player, with 20 production units worldwide, operating in four divisions, one of them dedicated to boards, decorative panels and finished products. Their many years of experience enabled them to provide excellent services to many different sectors within the construction industry and interior design services.

One of UNILIN’s solutions for interior wall, perfect for renovation projects, is: ClicWall.

ClicWall Collection

Wall-cladding systems made from 10 mm MDF core, finished with melamine top layer and counter layer, both with great resistance.
Every panel has a tongue on one long side and a groove on the other long side so that they can be clicked together.
The UNILIN patented Uniclic system ensures a virtually seamless connection. The short top and bottom sides have a smooth finish.
For the finish, there is a range of several colours and decors.
Corners can be finished as desired with an aluminium exterior angled profile, a flexible interior and exterior angled or mitred profile.

ClicWall Deco - has a top and bottom layer that can be finished off with paint, wallpaper or digital print. 

ClicWall FR - product conform to EuroClass B-S2-D0 and as a complete system is EI60 (RF60) compliant for non-load-bearing partitioning walls. This set-up is also certified for an acoustic value of 48 dB (Rw (C-4; Ctr-11) = 52dB).
Standard gross dimensions: 2785 x 618 x 10 mm (HxWxD)
Standard net dimensions: 2785 x 600 x 10 mm (HxWxD)
Other dimensions are available on request
Main advantages:
Easy installation
Joint-free system
Fast assembly
Scratch resistant
Hygienic and splash proof
UV resistant
ClicWall is used as an interior wall system for double and partitioning walls.
ClicWall is applied using the following substructures:
Metal substructure
Wooden substructure
Wooden frame
Wooden slates directly on the wall
The ClicWall panels can be attached in 3 different ways:

EVOLA Collection

Decorative panelling.


Technical information:

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