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Technical data
Product:Sandwich Panels
Country of origin:Spain
Applications:Roofs and walls
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THERMOCHIP, a pioneer in the manufacture and sale of sandwich panels in Spain, has consolidated its position as the leading reference in the light-panel market in the last twenty-five years.
It was the first company to present the panel of wooden sandwich in Spain, being leader in the Spanish market.

THERMOCHIP is a sandwich panel, consisting of two panels (wood, fibre cement board, ...) attached to a rigid extruded polystyrene foam core, for walls and roofing.

First ecological sandwich panel with wood fiber

THERMOCHIP WF is the first eco-friendly sandwich panel with wood fiber, a constructive system designed for the future of efficiency and sustainability. Composed of a spruce board, which can have different finishes, it supports heavier loads and complex structures. It is formed, on the inner face, by an agglomerate O.S.B.3 optimized for all types of applications.

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