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Living is all about Experiencing More

When choosing a type of material, we transform a space. And, with that, we generate an experience and evoke emotions... in relation to colour and texture that are being conveyed to us.
EM LIVING promotes that experience.
«Every day we come into contact with houses and things, but rarely do we feel any huge sense of emotion or awareness; we understand that touch is one of the most interesting aspects in the perception of architecture. Putting your hand on a handrail or stepping on an irregular pavement are experiences where our body interfaces with the body of the building.  Many times a hand that secures, caresses, pulls and holds is one of the best mediums to experience and understand a given location. The Finnish architect, Juhani Pullasmaa, said “the door handle is a handshake with the building” and, in fact, the firmness this imparts to us through our hands, or the way it lets itself be gripped or guides our hand helps us become confident about the solidity of the construction as well as the “honesty” and “character” of the building itself.»
A Casa dos Sentidos – Crónicas de Arquitectura. Author: Sérgio Fazenda Rodrigues. Publisher: ARQCOOP

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